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    Dune (by dataichi)

    actually getting ridiculously homesick for the snow. want snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

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    (AJ Hackett Bungy Jump, Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand.)

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    Whakarewarewa, Rotorua, New Zealand

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    Milford Sound - New Zealand

    Photography: Aken Latest Craze

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    Wellington Waterfront, New Zealand

  10. yep… already daydreaming about the next places to visit!

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  11. Last Days in Paris for 2013

    Well yesterday was a big walking and shopping day. While I normally have the superior stamina when it comes to touring around all day, Sascha definitely outdid us all on a day of exploring the many vintage and quirky stores in the Jewish quarter of Paris. What a cool area that is! She found lots of gems, and now that we have all packed she’s managed the great feat of fitting everything into her suitcase!

    That was nothing on later though, when we walked over to the left bank for a delicious dinner at Le Relais de l’Entrecote but were interrupted during dinner when Sascha surreptitiously got out her phone, and promptly started crying. What is it!? Has something happened at home? A smile breaks out, she starts laughing… It’s her HSC raw marks. Top bands in all subjects and full marks (FULL MARKS!!!) in her English major work, and 8000 word short story that she had worked on all year. We don’t have the overall mark (or ATAR, as it’s called these days) but it’s looking pretty good for midnight tonight. So Sascha had a very successful day.

    Sascha, Simon, Jack and I went out to celebrate, and had a great time at a few pubs in Paris near where we are staying. Found one nightclub, but unsurprisingly it was next to empty, because it was a Tuesday night. Dayum. Someone told us to go to Montmartre because that is apparently the good clubbing area. ‘Great!’ We think, Rue Montmartre is just around the corner! Lets go there! By this point, we had been wandering somewhat lost and without guidance for a while, and Jack, being the old and delicate age of 24, had bailed to go to bed. Well, we didn’t find any clubs anyway, so Jack didn’t miss that, only one bar where we sat down and ended up having a great time. Awkward discovery in the morning, when Mum explains that ‘duh, Montmartre is an area in Paris’ red light district, and it’s nowhere near where we are!’ So apparently the helpful French lady didn’t mean the convenient street nearby. It was a good night to end a great day though, even if we didn’t find the trendy nightclubs we’d been aiming for.

    This morning however, we were nursing some uncomfortable hangovers and had a very slow start. Eventually we made it to the Louvre, which was a must on our last day in Paris. We didn’t see the Mona Lisa though, because Sascha and I were feeling a little rough and not so keen on wading through crowds of people holding ipads. Instead we went home and had a nap, and then out to a nice dinner nearby on Rue de Sebastapol. The bacon & cheese burger was exactly what I needed!

    Now it’s an early night and we’re all packed and ready to hit the beach on Saturday at home! Although Europe and NYC have obviously been a blast, I am very excited to be getting home and spending Christmas in a hot Australian summer with my beautiful family, who I’ve missed the last two holiday seasons! See you all soon and lots of love xxx

  12. And now here we are in Paris. YAY! Went for a brief wander around the Marais (where we’re staying in a beautiful apartment) last night and found a great French place for a great French entrecote steak. Today we started early to go to the arc de triumph where we enjoyed spectacular views and amazing weather. We then caught the metro to the place de l’opera and walked around there, around the Madeleine, through the tuileries and through the louvre (though not into it, just through! going inside tomorrow.) and then along rue du saint-honore to get back to the Marais and home. Now we’re tired, and having a restful afternoon before we head out to the Jewish quarter for dinner tonight. 


    up to date now!!! More tomorrow.